Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greening Your Home

Greening Your Home: Sustainable Options for Every System In Your House Summary By Clayton Bennett

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional 2008-05-16 | 153 Pages | ISBN: 0071499091 | PDF

Choose Green Systems That Conserve Resources While Matching Your Budget and Lifestyle

A vital conservation and money-saving tool, Greening Your Home provides helpful information that will help you select sustainable green options that match your specific needs for every system in your house. This “one-stop” guide provides the latest information on systems and materials that conserve resources for a cleaner, more energy-efficient home.

From the lively writing, with illustrations and examples, you will learn how to incorporate sustainability into your house in beautiful, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible ways. Both inspirational and practical, Greening Your Home features:

* A wealth of green building and remodeling options for homeowners
* Photographs and information on green products and systems and their advantages

Your Complete Guide to a Green, Energy-Efficient Home

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